Welcome to Midcoast Maine’s premier waterfront family┬áresort. Located on Davis Island, Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort is an Environmental Green leader in hospitality and a year round community, including single family resort cottages and overnight vacation accommodations. This Midcoast Maine waterfront┬áresort’s rich history, close proximity, and convenient access to a wide array of points of interest and stunning harbour views, are sure to captivate all who grace her rocky shore. Visit the Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort now for your getaway. Spend a day antiquing in local shops, enjoy a quiet afternoon at the pool, or just cozy up to the fireplace in your private cottage.


In the southern part of Lincoln County is the town of Edgecomb, Maine. Settled by Samuel Trask in 1744, it was known as Freetown until 1774, when it was officially incorporated as a town, and the name changed to Edgecomb (spelled Edgecumbe in the Articles of Incorporation). Named after Lord Edgecomb, who had been a friend to the colonists, Edgecomb is about 21 square miles in size, including Davis Island, which is home to the Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort.
Davis Island was first settled by a man named Job Lewis in the early 1700’s. Lewis allegedly began construction of a large, castellated house here. When he passed away in 1750, the house was not completed, and remained unfinished, a “monument of the extravagance and folly of the man who undertook building what he was unable to finish.” As a result, the earliest recorded name of the Island was Lewis’ Folly or Folly Island.

In 1770, Moses Davis, Esq. and his family moved to the island, and made the first permanent settlement there, hence the name Davis Island. Davis established a farm with his family, and was one of the men largely responsible for having Edgecomb incorporated as a town. He served as Town Clerk, Treasurer and Selectman for 19 years. The Island eventually passed to Moses’ grandson Lincoln, who, with his wife Martha, began taking boarders in 1881, perhaps setting the stage for future island businesses!

Davis Island is about 80 Acres in size, and is completely surrounded by water. In 1785, Moses Davis petitioned the Court, requesting a public ferry to cross from Wiscasset to Edgecomb. The petition was approved, and Davis came to be in charge of the Edgecomb ferry landing. Originally located in the cove in front of Fort Edgecomb, the landing was later moved to the western part of the island. Ferry rates were about 12 cents per person.

The original cabins, built in 1928, were once enjoyed by vacationing travelers from cities such as Portland and Boston. Restored and renamed, they are enjoyed today by people from around the world, who visit the Sheepscot Harbour Village & Resort to enjoy the peace and serenity of Davis Island.