Go on an Adventurous Scavenger Hunt of Things to Do in Maine in the Winter

A family cross country skiing, one of the many things to do in Maine in the winter.

No matter what time of year you visit Midcoast Maine, there’s no shortage of adventures to be had. There is plenty to do and see, from exploring hiking trails on a summer vacation to taking in the beautiful fall colors at local nature areas. If you’re looking for a winter wonderland experience, book your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. Our resort near Boothbay Harbor is close to some of the best things to do in Maine in the winter. Go on adventures as you check off items on our scavenger hunt list. A Checklist of Fun Winter Activities near...

What to Do in Boothbay Harbor to Embrace Fitness on Vacation

A woman doing yoga after researching what to do in Boothbay Harbor to stay active.

Vacations are always a great way to take a break from everyday life and recharge your batteries. For some, this means an escape where they relax at their hotel, and for others, it means enjoying new adventures. That’s one of the best parts of vacation – you can do as much or as little as you’d like. If you are looking for what to do in Boothbay Harbor during your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort that’ll keep you active, there’s no shortage of activities, including exploring Maine trails or trying out yoga. A Checklist of Maine Activities That Focus...

3 Reasons to Spend the Holidays in a Maine Vacation Rental

A family visiting Maine for the holidays.

The holiday season is a great time to slow down and take a break from the craziness of everyday life. It’s a season to spend quality time with the ones you love most while reflecting on what has happened in your lives during the past year. A great way to make memories that’ll last well past the calendar flipping to a new year is by spending the holidays in Maine at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. There are plenty of reasons why you should book your stay at one of our Maine vacation rentals, but we put together a list of...

The Ultimate Romantic 4-Day Midcoast Maine Weekend Itinerary

A couple enjoying the romantic things on their Maine itinerary.

A romantic getaway in Maine is a great way to reconnect and spend quality time with the one you love most. If you are looking to escape to midcoast Maine, book your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. Our charming Edgecomb resort is the perfect place for a long weekend vacation. We’ve put together the ideal Maine itinerary for your trip. Day 1 Your first day in town is a great day to explore our property. Pick up necessities from the Woodsong Market & Cafe for a picnic lunch in the meadow or by the gazebo. Walk along our pier...

Boozy Bingo: Sip on Brews from the Best Breweries in Maine

People at one of the best breweries in Maine.

When the craft brewery craze started sweeping across the country, Maine was not forgotten. There is no shortage of breweries to discover after a day spent exploring the area near Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. After visiting historical attractions or exploring the waterfront, relax at some of the best breweries in Maine. Let our boozy bingo be a guide of breweries and brews to check out. A Checklist of Some Breweries on Your Bingo Card Whether you love an IPA or something a little outside of the box, the breweries around Midcoast Maine have something for everyone. Boothbay Craft Brewery: This...

Let Your Adventurer Roam Free on Maine Tours

A photo of people on one of the best Maine whale tours.

Edgecomb is the perfect blend of a quaint town that has thrilling adventures, unique attractions, and a phenomenal food scene. During your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, you’ll be close to all of this and more. Our resort is just a short drive to Boothbay Harbor, Wiscasset, and the surrounding areas, which means you are just a short drive from everything you need to make the most out of your Midcoast Maine getaway. Learn about area attractions or discover the best hidden gems by adding various Maine tours to your itinerary. Top 5 Midcoast Maine Tours for Groups of...

Play Midcoast Maine Bingo at Sheepscot Harbour

A photo of a lighthouse in Midcoast Maine.

When you book your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, you’ll enjoy a break from the craziness of everyday life. Just minutes away from Wiscasset and a quick drive to Boothbay Harbor, our Edgecomb resort is the perfect home away from home for your next family vacation or getaway with friends. Let your competitive spirit run wild while checking off quintessential Midcoast Maine activities by filling up your Sheepscot Harbour bingo card. Get “Bingo!” with These Maine Activities Don’t worry about thinking of things to do during your vacation at our Edgecomb coastal resort. Our bingo card is a fun...

The Ultimate 5-day Midcoast Maine Family Vacation Itinerary

A photo of a Maine family enjoying their vacation.

Summer is the perfect time for a family getaway, and Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is the family-friendly resort for your Midcoast Maine vacation. When you spend time at our Edgecomb resort, you’ll have time to reconnect as a family and create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Book your stay at one of our 60 independently owned suites, cottages, and rooms, and let the fun begin. Day 1 After checking in and unpacking in your charming vacation rental, spend the day exploring our resort. Walk along the pier to take in the stunning views of Sheepscot River, or simply enjoy a...

An Insider’s Guide to a Maine Road Trip on Route 1

A photo of a family on a Maine road trip.

From Key West, Florida, all the way to Fort Kent, Maine, Route 1 is an adventure in itself. Those Visiting our Maine vacation resort Sheepcot Harbour Village Resort from Boston, Portland, Bath Camden, or anywhere along the route could certainly make a day of their journey. Consider getting an early start on the day of your reservation and make time to indulge in coastal attractions on your way. Take in stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, visit nature centers, learn about New England history, and delight in a scrumptious lobster roll on your Maine road trip to our Harbour Village...

3 Maine Coast Cottage Rentals the Whole Family Will Love

A photo of a Maine Coast cottage rental building.

Sheepcot Harbour Village Resort features a variety of accommodations for your Midcoast Maine getaway. From our cozy rooms and suites, which boast a B&B ambiance, to our Maine Coast cottage rentals, perfect for that family-friendly vacation you’ve been dreaming about all year. Our cottages feature single or multiple rooms, spacious living areas, and kitchens. Treat your loved ones to a well-deserved classic New England holiday at our Maine vacation resort, where you’re sure to fall in love with our quintessential family cottages.  1. Cottage 49 Tucked away on the river’s edge, Cottage 49 offers tranquil waterfront views, two bedrooms, and...

Plan Your Quintessential Summer Maine Vacation

Picture of summer in Maine.

Treat yourself to a quintessential summer Maine vacation at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. Our ideal location grants unbeatable views of the Sheepscot River, access to delicious coastal seafood, and a plethora of sightseeing escapades. Our cozy Inn has all the aesthetic qualities of an East Coast bed and breakfast with a variety of room offerings. If you’re new to the area and unsure what to expect, we have a few suggestions for your visit to Edgecomb, Maine.  Best Restaurants to Visit in Midcoast Maine It only makes sense that you take advantage of this opportunity to taste the best seafood...

Top 5 New England Seafood Restaurants Near Edgecomb, ME

Picture of a dish from a New England Seafood Restaurant.

Maine is famous for seafood, and the Midcoast is no exception. The Boothbay Harbor region has the best New England seafood restaurants, with the freshest fish you can find. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is right on the water with easy access to the entire region. Get out for a day full of eating, drinking, and total-indulgence in the beautiful Northeast landscape. Here are five of the most popular and well-rated Midcoast Maine restaurants. 5 Incredible New England Seafood Restaurants The Pub is the number one place to attend a traditional Maine lobster bake. They host a seafood feast every Tuesday...

Top 5 Thing to Do in Spring in Maine

Lupine flowers in Spring in Maine

Spending spring in Maine is a treat for the senses. You’ll see colorful blossoms, smell the ocean breeze, hear songbirds, and taste fresh foods. The air is warm but not muggy. The leaves are baby green. And the sun gently grazes your cheeks. It’s an all-around relaxing experience. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort offers some of the best spring scenery, and it’s close to countless fun things to do. Kick off the summer season with a trip to the coast! These are the top five things to do in Maine in April and May. 5 Things to Do in Maine in...

Where to Go Snowmobiling in Maine

Snowmobiling in Maine

Maine possesses a wide variety of terrain. We have dense northern forests, towering mountain peaks, and sparkling ocean shores. That’s what makes it such a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! Our state also boasts four diverse seasons, and Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is one of the few coastal Maine resorts open year-round so that you can enjoy all the things to do in Maine in winter—like snowmobiling. With our Midcoast Maine vantage point, guests have easy access to both the wooded trails and the seaside vistas for which New England is famous, so you can go snowmobiling in Maine by day...

Tour the Best Wineries in Maine

People visiting Wineries in Maine

Maine is known for its incredible food, and incredible food deserves to be paired with an equally-incredible glass of wine. Luckily, Midcoast Maine has plenty of stops along the Maine Wine Trail, and Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is central to the action.

Romantic Getaways in New England with Your Valentine

Man and woman hugging outdoors in winter.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to decide how to celebrate with your sweetheart. Nothing says “I love you” more than romantic getaways in New England. Winters in Midcoast Maine are full of breathtaking ocean scenes; sparkling, powder snow; and hidden gem date spots. At Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, you’ll have plenty of Maine adventures while enjoying ample privacy and time together.

Top 3 Winter Activities in Maine

Woman Cross country skiing

Here in the Northeastern corner of the United States, we’re blessed with incredible winters. We have plenty of snow so that we can get outdoors and play all season long. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort in Edgecomb, Maine, is especially fortunate to experience slightly warmer winter temperatures due to the coastal effect. So, if you enjoy snow sports like skiing or sledding, a Maine winter vacation is just the thing for you. There are countless things to do in Maine in winter, but we’ve managed to narrow our list of favorites down to these three winter activities in Maine.

Winter in Maine: A Peaceful, Magical Wonderland

Couple snowshoeing in winter.

For those who’re already looking ahead to winter’s snowy wonderland, we recommend that you contemplate a visit to peaceful Midcoast Maine. Every year, winter in Maine allures thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and tired city dwellers because our small, coastal towns offer a well-deserved, much-needed break from busy metropolitan areas.

Plan a Visit to Midcoast Maine in the Fall

Sunset in autumn in Maine.

We’re rapidly approaching the most colorful, vibrant season of the year: autumn. Planning a well-deserved visit to Midcoast Maine in the fall is a brilliant idea—just as brilliant as the region’s eye-popping combination of marigold, amber, kelly green, and amber. The perfect place to start and finish each day is Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge.

5 Things to Do in Maine in September

Whale breaching the water.

We see an influx of couples, groups, and families who know that September is arguably one of the best times to visit Maine – traffic is lighter, lines for lobster rolls are shorter, and the temperatures are ideal. So, to ensure that your upcoming escape to Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is nothing short of picture-perfect, we’ve compiled five of the top things to do in Maine in September.

The 4 Best Times to Visit Maine

Aerial view of Sheepscot Resort, dock, pier on Sheepscot River.

There’s never an off-season for coastal adventures here in Edgecomb, Maine, as this region is home to countless state parks and nature preserves. While there’s never a “wrong time” to visit Sheepscot Harbour Village, some of the best times to visit Maine are during the chillier months.

Open Year-Round: The Best Seafood in Midcoast Maine

Prawns, rice and clams

Our beautiful Davis Island resort, unlike all Boothbay Harbor hotels, rests on the water’s edge of the Sheepscot River, which means that our Maine cottage and suite rentals are all within 30 minutes of these four award-worthy Midcoast Maine seafood establishments.

Spring in Maine: Family-Friendly Activities near Sheepscot

Parents and kids on the Maine shore.

Midcoast Maine may be covered in fresh snow at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking ahead to spring. Many families visit Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge during the springtime to enjoy offseason package specials, a quiet escape, and they’ve been aching to get outdoors since winter first arrived.

The Coziest Spring Cottages at Sheepscot

Sunroom with view of the river.

New Englanders aren’t afraid of springtime temperatures in the mid-50s and 60s. In fact, we embrace spring's arrival by hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking through the beautiful, vast Maine wilderness. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the warmth of a charming, cozy cottage.

Top Winter Activities near Edgecomb, Maine

couple cross-country skiing.

Another winter is upon us here at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge. A large part of Midcoast Maine’s allure is our peaceful winters. Families and couples venture up Maine’s coast in search of relaxing escapes from the daily grind. Our guests can stroll through a nearby state park under falling snow, visit a local history museum, and spend time bonding inside one of our charming Maine cottage rentals.

Quintessential Autumn Activities in Midcoast Maine

Pumpkin patch and corn field.

It may not look or feel like fall at the moment, but Midcoast Maine is on the cusp of autumn. With the changing of seasons comes breathtaking fall foliage, harvest festivals, and spooky Halloween delights. In a matter of weeks, Edgecomb Maine will be an arresting amalgam of amber, marigold, and crimson thanks to Mother Nature’s skillful paintbrush.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Autumn

Curved highway with autumn trees.

As summer slowly fades in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking ahead to the autumn vacation you promised your family. There is no better paradise on Earth than breathtaking Midcoast Maine. We have uniquely rocky shorelines, bright fall foliage, succulent seafood, and excellent hospitality. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge rests on the peaceful shores of the stunning Sheepscot River, across the Davey Bridge from charming Wiscasset. Our deluxe cottages have nautical charm, sweeping sunset views, and modern amenities. Start planning your autumn Midcoast Maine escape by considering these five nearby attractions. Pemaquid Point Lighthouse The 21-mile...

Birdie! Golfing in Midcoast Maine

Golf club and ball near the green.

Birdie! Golfing in Midcoast Maine Midcoast Maine is aesthetically pleasing, chock-full of outdoor adventures by land and sea, and home to some of the most charming golf courses on the East Coast. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge, home to unparalleled Wiscasset Maine hotels, across the bridge from the prettiest historic village in Maine on Davis Island. Dwell in our breathtaking inn or one of our suites and cottages on your next Midcoast escape. We have three memorable courses to share in the area as well as some etiquette tips and golf swing tricks. Where to Golf in Maine...

Get to Know the Prettiest Village in Maine: Wiscasset

Fishing boats.

Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort and Water’s Edge overlooks the breathtaking Sheepscot River on peaceful Davis Island. Our small coastal Maine haven has charming cottages and rooms, stunning river vistas, and is located just across the Wiscasset bridge from the prettiest village in Maine. Supreme among Wiscasset hotels, Sheepscot Harbour Village is a half-mile drive or bridge walk from downtown Wiscasset, a town full of history, old-world charm, delicious seafood, and shopping. The History of Wiscasset Wiscasset was a Native American settlement until European immigrants discovered the land in 1663. This seaport village was once a center for lumber, fishing, and...