Plan Your Quintessential Summer Maine Vacation

Picture of summer in Maine.

Treat yourself to a quintessential summer Maine vacation at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. Our ideal location grants unbeatable views of the Sheepscot River, access to delicious coastal seafood, and a plethora of sightseeing escapades. Our cozy Inn has all the aesthetic qualities of an East Coast bed and breakfast with a variety of room offerings. If you’re new to the area and unsure what to expect, we have a few suggestions for your visit to Edgecomb, Maine. 

Best Restaurants to Visit in Midcoast Maine

It only makes sense that you take advantage of this opportunity to taste the best seafood Maine has to offer. For laidback lunches and dinners, head to Baybooth Harbor and dine on the legendary lobster roll from Reds Eats. Embark on a scenic drive to Little Village Bistro for some takeout to enjoy on the oceanside. Shuck the freshest oysters you’ve ever tasted at Glidden Point. Your tastebuds will love the abundant seafood selection in the area. 

Explore Oceanside Activities near Edgecombe, Maine

Maine summer weather doesn’t get too warm. We average around 73 degrees Fahrenheit, not including the sea breeze, so you may want to pack some light jackets and a few pairs of slacks to ensure you’re comfortable for your visit. Immerse yourself in this area’s rich history and visit historical sites like Fort Edgecomb. Catch some spectacular views of the local wildlife at nature areas like the Dodge Point Preserve. Or, embark on a few of the fantastic foot trails in the area. Regardless of where your wanderlust takes you, you’re sure to be rewarded with gorgeous coastal sights and a sense of inner peace. 

Embark on a Seafaring Voyage

If your heart longs to be near the sea, then consider our litany of seafaring suggestions. Conduct an independent exploration of the nearby waterways by renting a kayak or canoe. Learn all sorts of interesting factoids about local marine life and Midcoast Maine when you book a kayak tour. You can access both rental and tour options at Tidal Transit. Are you looking for something on a larger scale? Check out some of the powerboat and sailboat rental options at West Harbor Recreation. Spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, visiting nearby islands, and soaking in the sweet summer sun. There are also a plethora of charters and boat tours from which to choose if you’d prefer that someone else take the helm. 

Experience Summer in Maine at Our Baybooth Harbor Resort

There are plenty of things to do near Boothbay Harbor for your summer getaway. After a long day exploring all this area has to offer, retire to your cozy accommodations at our Maine oceanfront resort. Please call us at 866-587-7320 to start planning your quintessential summer Maine vacation.