Top 5 New England Seafood Restaurants Near Edgecomb, ME

Picture of a dish from a New England Seafood Restaurant.

Maine is famous for seafood, and the Midcoast is no exception. The Boothbay Harbor region has the best New England seafood restaurants, with the freshest fish you can find. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is right on the water with easy access to the entire region. Get out for a day full of eating, drinking, and total-indulgence in the beautiful Northeast landscape. Here are five of the most popular and well-rated Midcoast Maine restaurants.

5 Incredible New England Seafood Restaurants

  1. The Pub is the number one place to attend a traditional Maine lobster bake. They host a seafood feast every Tuesday night in the summer, and it’s absolutely incredible. If you stop by any other day of the week, you’ll find fresh oysters, locally-sourced meat, refreshingly delicious salads, and an unbeatable happy hour.
  2. Shannon’s Unshelled is a small New England seafood restaurant with a big name. It’s on almost every list of Midcoast Maine restaurants because it’s just that good. Their casual outdoor setting makes for a wonderful lunch or post-wine-tour snack. This traditional lobster shack has what is arguably the best lobster roll near our Boothbay, Maine, hotel. Their small menu is all about buttery treats that can be grabbed quickly while on the go. Picture of an image from a New England Seafood Restaurant.
  3. The Deck Bar & Grill takes “beautiful” to the next level. Its deck overlooks an immaculately landscaped yard, rocky shore, and dock. The sea breeze will keep you refreshed while you enjoy high-quality, creative dishes. This is where tradition meets innovation. You can get clam chowder—a staple of any New England seafood restaurant—and specialty burgers all in one place at this Midcoast Maine restaurant.
  4. Little Village Bistro is just across the river from your Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort room. This New England seafood restaurant often has Italian-inspired meals on the menu, such as a creamy seafood risotto or pork meatballs. However, their use of fresh-caught fish means you’ll get a taste of Maine during your Italian dinner. Be sure to explore the charming Wiscasset while you’re in town.
  5. Water Street Kitchen & Bar is another waterfront New England restaurant near our Boothbay, Maine, hotel. You can watch the waves lap gently outside the picture windows as your slurp oysters and sip cocktails. Their soups are particularly popular among regulars and die-hard fans. Plus, it’s only a three-minute drive from Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort!

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If you love seafood, a trip to Maine needs to be on your bucket list. With so many amazing restaurants in Boothbay, Maine, and the surrounding towns, you’ll eat better than ever during your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort. Contact us to start planning your next getaway!