Where to Go Snowmobiling in Maine

Snowmobiling in Maine

Maine possesses a wide variety of terrain. We have dense northern forests, towering mountain peaks, and sparkling ocean shores. That’s what makes it such a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! Our state also boasts four diverse seasons, and Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort is one of the few coastal Maine resorts open year-round so that you can enjoy all the things to do in Maine in winter—like snowmobiling. With our Midcoast Maine vantage point, guests have easy access to both the wooded trails and the seaside vistas for which New England is famous, so you can go snowmobiling in Maine by day and gaze out over the vast Pacific by night. We’re fortunate to be near some of the most scenic Maine snowmobile trails.

Topsham, Maine, Snowmobile Trails

Thanks to the fabulous Midcoast Maine snowmobile trails, there are seven snowmobile clubs near Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, including the Topsham Trail Riders. This club maintains a complete Topsham, Maine, snowmobile trail map on their website, and they host countless events for both club members and the public. Before hitting these local Maine snowmobile trails, be sure to check the map to see which vehicles are allowed. Some of the trails are for snowmobiles only, some are for ATVs only, and others are open to both. 

Bradbury Mountain, Maine, Snowmobile Trail Maps

Photo of Bradbury Mountain's Maine Snowmobile Trails in the SummerJust a short drive from Topsham is Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal, which has several groomed trails and some of the best snowmobiling in Maine. This seriously gorgeous park is worth visiting during each season, for the trees fill the horizon with ever-changing colors. From quiet, frosty branches to fiery fall foliage, Bradbury Mountain State Park never disappoints. Plus, it has some of the most well-marked trails. The park has two separate Maine snowmobile trail maps: the west side multi-use map and the east side map. After a day exploring this local piece of paradise, you’ll want to return again and again, and we won’t blame you! That’s why Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort welcomes visitors all year.

Interconnected Trail System (ITS)

If you’re an avid snowmobiler, the chances are high that you’ve heard of the Interconnected Trail System (ITS). This web of trails spans across the entire state—north, south, east, and west. Several sections of the ITS are within an hour of Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, so if you’re looking to explore those famed routes, you don’t have to travel far from the comfort of your hotel room. The Maine Snowmobile Association provides a free online map of the ITS.

Where to Stay when Snowmobiling in Maine

After a day of whipping past trees with the wind on your face, return to your warm, comfortable lodge suite or room for a restful night by the sea. There are plenty of other fun things to do in Maine in winter here on the coast, and we encourage you to try them all during your stay at Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort, one of the best Maine resorts. From wine tastings to snowball fights, there is never a dull moment here in Edgecomb. Call 866-587-7320 to book your winter vacation and enjoy the best snowmobiling in Maine!