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Spending spring in Maine is a treat for the senses. You'll see colorful blossoms, smell the ocean breeze, hear songbirds, and taste fresh foods. The air is warm but not muggy. The leaves are baby green. And the sun gently grazes your cheeks. It's an all-around relaxing experience. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort offers some of the best spring scenery, and it's close to countless fun things to do. Kick off the summer season with a trip to the coast! These are the top five things to do in Maine in April and May.


  1. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens opens May 1st, 2024, just in time for visitors to see the first flowers of the season. Each month brings a different set of blooms. In April, you'll see early spring bulbs, such as crocus and iris, and small wildflowers. In May, you'll find daffodils, tulips, magnolias, rhododendrons, and more. Remember to stop at the garden store to pick up a gift or some plants for your windows back home.

  2. The Maine whale watching season begins in April. The majestic giants migrate twice yearly, so spring in Maine is the perfect time to see them! Captain Fish's tours will teach you all about how to spot these creatures. However, you can often see spouts and tails from shore during the Maine whale watching season, so keep your eyes out for them even when you're not in a boat.

  3. Monkey C Monkey Do is set to open in the spring, come experience the thrill of our giant swing, a unique zip line course, and a 60+ element ropes course designed with multiple levels of difficulty suitable and challenging enough for the entire family. 

  4. The Boothbay, Maine, Farmers Market opens in May. You'll find fresh produce, hand-crafted goods, and friendly people at this weekly event. The fragrant and flavorful foods make spring in Maine spectacular. You'll find all sorts of goodies and snacks to bring back to your furnished cottage. To find locally-sourced, farm-fresh food on the other days of the week, visit Five Islands Farm.

  5. Take your Maine farmers market finds for a picnic at a local park, such as Pemaquid Beach State Park or Barrett's Park. Spring in Maine is a good time to pack a picnic for a daytrip because the temperatures are mild. A spring picnic is a romantic date idea and a cute family photo op!

  6. Speaking of eating, be sure to try fiddleheads, for they are only available in the

spring. This Maine delicacy is a cooked and coiled fern. They are harvested early before the leaves unfurlso that they are sweet and tender. They pair well with a glass of wine. If you like asparagus, you'll love fiddleheads.


Whether you're interested in wildlife or botanical gardens, Boothbay Harbor, Maine, and the surrounding towns are the perfect destinations for your spring getaway. Sheepscot Harbour Village Resort provides private and comfortable accommodations with water views and a convenient location. You can try all the best things to do in Maine in April and May while soaking up some much-needed sunshine. Simply kick off your shoes and take a deep breath of seaside air, and you'll feel like summer is already in full swing. Contact us to start planning your stay!


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